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The Sun

Oddly, the sun gets left out of the discussions about climate change, usually by design when reported in most media. Yet without it, would we have seasons? Would a bump outward, or inward, in the earth's orbit be catastrophic to its inhabitants? But warming is only is only a part of how the sun affects the earth - and the rest of the planets. 

The following online resources were created by Ben Davidson, a professional researcher with a JD (Juris Doctorate). SpaceWeatherNews and its sister organization Suspicous0bservers (with a zero) have a tremendous amount of statistics, videos, podcasts, lectures, and data about the interaction of solar wind, coronal hole streams, electromagnetic connections with the planets, and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) that, when coupled (that's a pun) with Earth's currently-weakening magnetosphere, the upper atmosphere, and the global electric circuit, produce a wide array of effects that we are still learning about. Some are predictable. Many are alarming.  All are fascinating and not limited to changes in climate.

The detailed analysis provided on these sites looks at, among many things, the IPCC reporting (from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), updated calculations, and source data that climate scientists with a financial stake in the theory of anthropomorphic warming (human-influenced) are reticent to use. The data does not support their theories as well as they claim.

As more and more world-renowned scientists look closer, they are finding that the climate models used to prop up anthropomorphic warming are so flawed, it's embarrassing that they're used at all.

This information is not intended to create an adversarial position against those who agree with earlier IPCC findings....that humans cause the warming. It is instead listed among these resources to educate and offer information that is tough to come by in mainstream outlets - that is, a more holistic view of all the information available.

But first, a word from Michael Shellenberger, an expert who has in the past testified on behalf of global warming proponents. He has some interesting comments.

On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare

Information from SpaceWeatherNews and Suspicious0berservers: for data and analysis

Suspicious0bservers,org for video and podcast discussions, lectures, and education

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