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GRLevel3 is sold by Gibson Ridge and written by a former resident of Central Texas who is familiar with the dynamic nature of our weather. His support site,, contains virtually everything a user would want to know about GR products, as well as release notes, a place to request features and report bugs, and it is also a place for end users to share ideas and advice. The site is only permitted to be used by product owners.

GRLevel3 v2.91 beta is in test at the time of this writing.. While versions 1 and 2 come with signficant layout changes, the displays are similar. Details about making adjustments to the software are also similar but not identical. Therefore a write-up of GRLevel3 v2 is needed. The links in the manual below do not work (since most have changed or gone offline since the document was created).

Until then, a manual created for TSSI and LSSN users of GRLevel3 v1 is provided below. Again, v2 users will need to explore some features a bit differently until a manual for that version is provided.

GRLevel3 v1 Advanced Setup Guide

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