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Welcome to the home of LSSN

Welcome to the home of the Lone Star Storm Spotters Network (LSSN). This group was formed in 2002 by Warren Rowe in an effort to create an organized statewide Skywarn network. On July 5th, 2004, the group converted from what was originally the Central Texas Storm Spotters, to Lone Star Storm Spotters. Part of the membership continued on with the CTSS name in their own group. Warren soon passed management of LSSN to Jeff Draper N5SSI, founder of Texas Severe Storms Intercept (TSSI), with assistance from Tim Stevens K5TBS.

The group has since gone through numerous changes and added requirements. It is currently managed by Tim K5TBS with Jeff N5SSI continuing to contribute in the background. The group includes some members of TSSI and much of the content on this site comes from them. We currently have approximately 40 members across 14 counties. All members are amateur radio operators who are required to attend advanced Skywarn classes, pass an internal knowledge test, are required to maintain a certain minimum of "NIMS IS" certifications, and attend weekly LSSN nets.


We are a volunteer group, unfunded by anyone. We operate in coordination with local Ameteur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) groups, and generally coordinate on the NA6M 147.080 repeater in Georgetown Texas, often linked with the Bastrop Repeater System in Bastrop County, Texas. The repeaters are provided through the generous efforts of Mark Stennett NA6M, Pat Patrick KD5ZRH, Bruce Forestal WB6ARE, and Adam Reynolds W5ESS.

We hope you will look around the site as it has many training elements and lots of useful information. If you have any questions, use the form below to contact the site owner. If wish to inquire about joining us, please see our Google group site here and then click on "contact the owner." You can also contact us through the Contact page on this site.

Thank you for your interest in us, and weather in general. Texas has some of the most active weather in the nation. The stretch from San Antonio up to Dallas/Fort Worth is known as Flash Flood Alley, the flash flood capital of North America. We hope you can acquire some knowledge from this site that may help keep you and yours safe in a severe weather event.

Warren Rowe

LSSN Founder

Jeff Draper N5SSI

TSSI Founder

Tim Stevens K5TBS

LSSN Manager

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