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Pea size - 1/4-1/2 inch
Penny size - 3/4 inch
Quarter size - 1 inch
Half Dollar size - 1 1/4 inch
Silver Dollar size - 1 1/2 inch
Pool/Billiard ball - 2 inch
Tennis Ball size - 2 1/2 inch
Baseball size - 2 3/4 inch
Softball size - 4 inch
Grapefruit size - 5 inch

On April 28, 1992, a severe thunderstorm outbreak rumbled across southern Oklahoma and through North Central Texas, producing a swath of hail damage in one of the costliest severe weather events ever for the region. Hail up to 4.5 inches in diameter was recorded during the event, which lasted several hours and ultimately resulted in losses of over $750 million.


On May 5, 1995, a devastating supercell produced softball-sized hail in Tarrant County, accompanied by flash flooding and high winds. Over a hundred people, most of which were attending the outdoor Mayfest celebration in downtown Fort Worth, were injured. Insured damage reached nearly $1.1 billion, making it one of the insurance industry's most expensive thunderstorms in history.


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