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LSSN members are able to communicate across Central Texas thanks to the generous support of area repeater owners & custodians. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to these amazing and dedicated folks for making our nets and region-wide reporting of severe weather possible:

Mark Stennett NA6M

Pat Patrick KD5ZRH

Bruce Forestal WB6ARE

Adam Reynolds W5ESS

Repeaters for regularly scheduled LSSN nets include:

Williamson County

147.080 (+) 100 Georgetown (central coordination)

Bastrop County 

442.725 (+) 114.8  Bastrop central coverage
442.800 (+) 114.8  Elgin northern coverage
443.000 (+) 114.8  Flag Hill southern coverage
145.430 (-) 114.8  Flag Hill southern coverage


Additional repeaters are used during severe weather events:

Williamson County

145.45 (-) 162.2 & Echolink N5TT-R, Taylor WC-ARES

146.64 (-) 162.2  & Echolink 591270 N5TT-R,  Georgetown WC-ARES

Coryell County

145.170 (-) 162.2,  Gatesville W5GTS 
145.230 (-) 88.5,  Copperas Cove K5CRA VHF 

See the Repeater subpages in the menu for more details.

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