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Bastrop Radio System

KD5ZRH 442.725 (+) 114.8 Bastrop central coverage*

KD5ZRH 442.800 (+) 114.8 Elgin northern coverage*

KD5ZRH 443.000 (+) 114.8 Flag Hill southern coverage*

KD5ZRH 145.430 (-) 114.8 Flag Hill southern coverage*


The Bastrop Radio System provides coverage throughout the County of Bastrop and portions of the adjacent counties.  Four repeaters at three sites provide redundancy and overlap.  There are three UHF repeaters and one VHF repeater, these are all linked 24/7 using full-duplex RF links.  You can talk into any of the repeaters and your audio will be heard on the other three repeaters.  The Bastrop site also has a 2m Remote Base that is used for local nets, including the LSSN net on Mondays at 8pm local.


Elgin. 442.800+ 114.8

Coverage:  North to Belton and Temple, South to Kyle.   West to Marble Falls and East to Collage Station.


Bastrop 442.725+ 114.8

Coverage: North to Georgetown and South to Shiner.  West to Dripping Springs and East to La Grange.

Thirty-two channel 2m remote base.


Flag Hill  443.000+ 114.8  and 145.430- 114.8

Coverage:  North to Round Rock and South West to New Braunfels and parts of NE San Antonio.  East to Columbus and West to San Marcos.

BRS team (l-r): Pat KD5ZRH, Bruce WB6ARE, Adam W5ESS and Jeff WD5EGC


Repeater Coverage Maps





Flag Hill

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